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The Criminalization of Solidarity: The Stop Cop City Prosecutions

Tadhg Larabee and Eva Rosenfeld Dissent Magazine
Georgia’s sweeping, political application of conspiracy law echoes tactics that shattered the left a hundred years ago, when the government targeted socialist parties and militant unions with laws against criminal syndicalism, espionage, and sedition

Left Unions Were Repressed Because They Threatened Capital

Victor G. Devinatz Jacobin
During the 20th century’s two red scares in US and Canada, Wobblies and Communist-aligned unions faced fierce repression from employers and government. They were targeted because they were seen as posing a real threat to the capitalist social order.

Tidbits – June 16, 2022 – Reader Comments: Jan 06 Coup Congressional Hearings; Karl Marx Was Right – Capitalism Exploits; Lessons on Labor’s Past; Ukraine War – Why Did Portside Run This Article; 50th Anniversary of the Case of Puerto Rico

Reader Comments: Jan. 06 Coup and Congressional Hearings; Karl Marx Was Right - Capitalism Exploits; Staughton Lynd Responds to Lessons on Labor's Past; Ukraine War - Why did Portside run this article; 50th Anniversary of the Case of Puerto Rico

Friday Nite Videos | April 8, 2022

What We Found When We Went Looking for Another Earth. Vieux Farka Toure w Julia Easterlin "Masters Of War." Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Her Historic Supreme Court Confirmation. The Wobblies | Movie. Pink Floyd - Hey Hey Rise Up.

The Wobblies – Re-Release Trailer

This compelling documentary of the IWW, telling the story of workers in factories, sawmills, wheat fields, forests, mines and on the docks, mirrors today’s headlines, depicting a nation torn by corporate greed. Returns to theaters May 1 for International Workers Day!

Songs of Justice, Songs of Power

Tom Morello New York Times
Defiant and hopeful, these songs have an unapologetic mission: to fan the flames of discontent by lifting the spirits of those fighting for a more just and humane planet. The songs live on wherever working people stand up for their rights...


Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly

Brian Shuffler ZNet
The full extent of the African American participation in the left wing, working class, and progressive movements has yet to be fully documented. This book makes a worthy contribution to increasing our knowledge of this history.
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