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For the People Act vs. Jim Crow in New Clothes

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
A broad coalition of groups is calling for a week of action April 5-9 to press for passage of the For the People Act, S.1 – federal legislation that would counter the GOP’s push for harsh state-level voter suppression bills.

Black America: Beyond 1968 This Time

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
NYPD at recent demonstrations Loot the labor and very being of people of African descent. When they rise in response, resist, and give as little as possible. Then wait for things to “calm down” and take back as much as possible.


'Loving' Review: Civil Rghts Tale Marries Heartfelt Drama With Too Much Restraint

Peter Bradshaw Guardian
“The Crime of Being Married.” So read the headline that accompanied photos of Richard Loving, a Southern “white trash” construction worker, and his African-American wife Mildred... "Loving" audiences will watch Jeff Nichols’ nobly hatred-proof period romance, as it dramatises and gives due mythological prominence to a remarkable legal case which helped change America’s ugly Jim Crow race laws in the 50s and 60s.
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