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Janitors Get Organized in South Florida

Michael Sainato The Guardian
A workforce largely composed of immigrants and women of color is fighting to organize a union after facing low wages, poor conditions and lax safety protections during the pandemic.


Immigrant Workers: Strengths for Unions

David Bacon The Stansbury Forum
Many of the janitors and leaders who fought in Century City were the Central American immigrants coming into LA from the wars. Their experience in their home countries was very important in their willingness to fight, and the use of the tactics of mass demonstrations and even CD in the street. They're one of the best examples of the way migration, for all the pain it causes migrants, has benefited our labor movement enormously.


Justice for Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

Peter Olney and Rand Wilson The Stansbury Forum
Part two of a series looking back on the 20th anniversary the AFL-CIO’s New Voice movement. Most successful organizing is not done in a vacuum, existing members have to be front line apostles
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