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The Lie That Helped Kill the Labor Movement

Ian Ward Politico
In 1969, a rogue attorney for the National Labor Relations Board undermined a critical piece of labor law. Fifty years later, the Biden administration is trying to reverse the damage caused by that decision.


Memoirs of a Union Buster: Why Labor Law Reform is Necessary

Judy Atkins Portside
The dirty tricks that bosses play on workers will continue until there is a fundamental change in US Labor Law. Most fundamental would be the repeal of Taft - Hartley and corporate “personhood.” The law favors the powerful. 

The Amazon Army and the 1919-1922 Kansas Coal Strikes

Robert Ovetz Portside
Unlike most of the other struggles of this era, this strike rested on the firm backbone of the women of the mining families and communities who continued the fight when the men were beaten and jailed and the strike near defeat.
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