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Lillian Hellman’s Days to Come

Jane LaTour ZNet
The great mystery to me, is why the play was a failure. Originally it ran for only 3 days, and then closed. Hellman was responding to an all-too-common ethical dilemma that persists down to today. Her own sympathies lay with the striking workers.

Mr. and Mrs. Labor-Management: Struggling to Make Their Marriage Work

N.B., SpeakOut Op-Ed Truthout
It became obvious that the logical thing for Management and me to do was to ratify our relationship by getting married. It's true that prenuptial agreements have the tendency to kill the romance, but Management and I had reached a place where the only key to listening to one another's proposals and keeping our heartfelt promises alive in our increasingly one-sided relationship was a collective bargaining agreement - AKA the CBA.


Unions Battle to Represent 45,000 Kaiser Permanente Workers

Clint Swett The Sacramento Bee
A high-stakes fight between one of the nation's largest unions and an upstart, homegrown rival over which one should get to represent thousands of Kaiser Permanente workers in California entered Round 2 this month. NUHW-CNA face off against SEIU. Mail-in voting concludes Monday, and a final tally is expected by Friday.
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