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Convergence On the Right

Cathy Nugent Workers' Liberty
As the far right grows world-wide through the confluence of traditional conservatives, authoritarian elements, white nationalists and previously marginal fascists, its sway makes struggles against capital problematic. A new book charts alternatives.


Why No Labor Party Here?

Meredith Schafer Against the Current
Canada and the United States are similar enough culturally, but in class relations for some 70 years the two stand markedly apart. The book under review helps to explain the multifaceted reasons why.

Why Europe's Center-Left Keeps Losing Elections

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy in Focus
Voters can't tell the difference between the center left and the center right, and they don't want either. As the center-left accommodated itself to capital, it eroded its trade union base. Where center-left parties embraced unabashedly progressive policies, on the other hand, voters supported them

Mazzocchi and the Moment

Adoph Reed, Jr.
Tony often observed, regarding capital’s revanchist attack on working people that has steadily intensified over the last four decades, that what we would now call the neoliberal Democrats had nothing to offer those who have been or fear being ground into the dust by the juggernaut. He cautioned that, if the left and the labor movement didn’t find ways to connect with that growing population of those hurting, ... other, nasty and dangerous tendencies would.

Why Dilma Should Look Back to Her Bases in Brazil's Runoff Election

By John L. Hammond NACLA: Report on the Americas;
The election is being avidly watched by the right wing throughout the hemisphere, eager to see signs of ebbing of the "pink tide" that brought progressive governments into several countries of the region in the last decade and a half.


Looking Back at the Labor Party

Mark Dudzic interviewed by Derek Seidman New Labor Forum
Going back, you said that there were 80 unions at the Labor Party's founding that represented roughly half a million workers. It seems like you were trying to make this a party that was - concretely and substantively, not just symbolically or rhetorically - composed of and led by actual leaders, organizers, and rank-and-file members of the labor movement. Can you speak about that kind of model, and how it's different from other existing parties?
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