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Key to Strategy #1: Know Your Enemy

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
To “know” our enemy, we need to grasp its essential character, its strengths, and its vulnerabilities.That translates today into getting the clearest possible picture of the racist and authoritarian coalition that has “Make America Great Again”.

Turning Arizona Blue: On the Ground in Maricopa County

Peter Olney The Stansbury Forum
The heroes of this election season are the millions of citizen volunteers who texted, phoned and post carded, but perhaps the biggest contribution nationally was the work of the beleaguered HERE which lost 80% of its members due to COVID impacts.

A Victory for Democracy in Whittier California

Jimmy Franco Sr. LatinoPOV
A years-long struggle to eliminate an undemocratic system of at-large voting in Whittier California has resulted in an historic victory for the community. Democrat Josue Alvarado has won a hard-fought electoral campaign to become the first person elected to represent Whittier’s newly configured Council One. He is only the second Latino to hold a council seat in that city in 118 years!

The Play “Chavez Ravine”: A Tale of Ongoing Urban Removal

Jimmy Franco, Sr. A Latino Point of View in Today's World
Culture Clash's play about money, manipulation and red-baiting ending with destruction of a closely-knit LA Latino neighborhood over fifty years ago rings true today as the present economic power of developers and the drive to profitably exploit vulnerable communities within the central city and drastically change their ethnic, class and cultural composition continues to steadily displace the long-time residents of many neighborhoods.

Dying Communities

Rudy Acuna LA Progressive
California State University Northridge Professor Rudy Acuna relates current campus privatization plans to past and on-going struggles to build and learn from "community" with a challenge to all who resist capital and work for alternatives to institutionalized racism, genocide, Manifest Destiny, urban renewal and privatization.

Killing of Teenager Andy Lopez Ignites Latino Community

Shepherd Bliss Portside
Prayer vigils, a funeral, daily marches and rallies for the slain teenager Andy Lopez have overtaken the city of Santa Rosa and show no sign of abating. At least two of the marches were attended by over 1,000 people, and the steady patrols and surveillance by helicopters have added to the tension in the city. More events are scheduled as the community's cry for justice mounts.
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