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Surprise on the Left - Report on the Die Linke German Congress

Victor Grossman Portside
The LINKE party in Germany is one of the most important left-wing parties in Europe (perhaps the most important). Its congress a few days ago avoided a threatening split, elected two women as new co-chairs, and stressed militant unity on most issues

The German Left isn’t Buried Yet, says Linke Leader

Jacopo Rosatelli il manifesto
“Left-wing populism” makes clear that boundaries that create and represent identities do not run between people of different geographical origin, but among those at the bottom and at the top of society. This is a useful and appropriate populism. It has nothing to do with right-wing populism: the Others on the other side of the fence are not foreigners, but the richest 10 percent of society.

On Taking Risks and Eating Crow

Victor Grossman Portside
For the very first time, the Left Party may lead a coalition -- by the narrowest of margins -- with the Social Democrats and Greens that governs a German state. But forming that coalition would require difficult compromise and reversals on the part of all the coalition partners.

Germany May Invite Edward Snowden As Witness in NSA Inquiry

The Guardian
German Green politician meets US whistleblower Edward Snowden in Moscow to discuss possibility of helping parliamentary investigation into US spying. Snowden letter: I witnessed systemic violations of law by my government that created a moral duty to act. ... However, speaking the truth is not a crime. I am confident that with the support of the international community, the government of the United States will abandon this harmful behavior.
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