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Tidbits - May 2, 2013

May Day - Bangladesh, Hong Kong & Baghdad; LGBTQ Leaders Support Bradley Manning as SF Pride Grand Marshal; Reader's Comments - Good Jobs; Korea; Kissinger; Israel, Syria; Tamerlan Tsarnaev; Labor History; Leo Branton; AOL problems & Portside; Annoucements - Workers Unite Film Festival, NYC - May 10-17; Harlem Housing Forum - May 30; Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Rosenbergs' Executions - New York - June 16 Today in History - The Birmingham Children's Crusade

Leo Branton - Litigated Freedom for Angela Davis

Daphne Muse Portside
Leo Branton, who died on April 19, was a member of a formidable defense team that conducted a successful courtroom defense of radical black activist and former UCLA professor Angela Davis. He was a prominent entertainment lawyer who also conducted numerous important civil rights court cases.
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