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A Case Study of Corporate Media Disinformation

Stansfield Smith Dissent Voice
Over the 60 years of the Cuban revolution, the corporate media has implanted in us a negative image of Cuba through their distortions of the country’s political and economic system, their discounting the revolution’s achievements...

Lies, Damn Lies and Post-Truth

Lee McIntyre The Conversation
Any amateur politician can engage in lying. Trump is engaging in “post-truth.” Ideology takes precedence over reality.

All of Donald Trump's Lies

Bill Moyers Bill Moyers and Company
Last weekend, a full page New York Times op-ed itemized, day by day, the lies Donald Trump has told since taking office. The effort deserves the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

Decoding Kellyanne Conway

In an interview with Chris Matthews, Kellyanne Conway defended Trump's travel ban with inaccurate claims of a “Bowling Green massacre.” Here's what we think she meant.

How Intelligence Was Twisted to Support an Attack on Syria

Gareth Porter Truthout | News
A careful examination of the Obama administration's summary of the intelligence on which it is basing the case for military action to punish the Assad regime for alleged use of chemical weapons reveals misleading language evocative of the infamous 2002 Iraq WMD intelligence estimate.
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