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Intel’s $3.5 Billion Boondoggle

Austin Ahlman The American Prospect
The microchip giant’s ‘secure enclave’ project will take nearly 10 percent of a CHIPS Act manufacturing fund that is already stretched thin.

Structuring the Economy To Give Money to the Rich Is Inflationary

Dean Baker The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Policies that give more money to people at the top are inflationary. If we want to help the working class we have to pursue policies that reverse upward redistribution, not promise the return of manufacturing jobs that no longer offer a wage premium.

A Transformative Green New Deal Requires Inclusive Manufacturing

Carl Davidson, Bill Fletcher Jr. and Nina Gregg The Nation
Without a new approach to manufacturing, we may protect the environment better but continue to reinforce racial and economic inequality. Manufacturing is the only economic sector that can generate new wealth for communities currently shut out

How We Broke the Supply Chain

David Dayen, Rakeen Mabud The American Prospect
Rampant outsourcing, financialization, monopolization, deregulation, and just-in-time logistics are the culprits. Our supply chains were designed for maximum profit rather than getting things to people, problems that arose in the pandemic folded in.

Why We Can’t Make Vaccine Doses Any Faster

Isaac Arnsdorf and Ryan Gabrielson ProPublica
President Biden has promised enough doses for all American adults by this summer. There’s not much even the Defense Production Act can do to deliver doses before then.


What the Workplace Will Look Like Under a Biden White House

Eleanor Mueller Politico
“There’s a litany of things the Trump administration has done that we have to undo,” said Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.), who serves on the House Education and Labor Committee and is a top contender for labor secretary in the Biden administrtation.

US Manufacturing Is in Trouble

Marty Hart-Landsberg Reports from the Economic Front
Talk of a manufacturing renaissance is nonsense.  And there is no reason, based on Trump administration’s economic policies, to expect one.
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