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Marta Harnecker, Presente

Farooque Chowdhury Telesur
A relentless fighter, comrade Marta Harnecker (1937 – 2019) made valuable contributions in the areas of theory related to revolution for socialism in the broader Latin American perspective.

Reading Marx's Capital Today : Lessons from Latin America

Marta Harnecker Socialist Project
This paper was presented at the International conference “150 years Karl Marx's - Reflections for the 21st century” held in Athens, Greece on January 14-15, 2017. Organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - Athens Office. The conference discussed the actuality of Marx's theoretical system of the critique of political economy 150 years on from the publication of Capital Volume I.

‘Ideas for the Struggle’: Required Reading for Activists in These Challenging Times

Steve Williams Links
Without a clear conviction that another world is possible, we resign ourselves all too easily to the idea that simply “putting up a good fight” is enough. We absolve ourselves of the responsibility of finding ways forward. Ideas for the Struggle is a much-needed antidote to this pessimism. Marta Harnecker insists that victory is possible,but only if social movement organizers and activists sharpen the revolutionary edge of our work through rigorous reflection, evaluation
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