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Global Left Midweek - November 20, 2019

Bolivia / Three Looks at the Bigger Picture / Iraq / UK / France / Hong Kong

An Iraqi demonstrator runs from tear gas during anti-government protests in Baghdad on November 17, 2019,Photo: Abdullah Dhiaa al-Deen, REUTERS
  1. Bolivia Past and Present
  2. The Bigger Picture: Walden Bello on Counterrevolution and China
  3. Patrick Bond on BRICS and Brazil
  4. Marta Harnecker on Social Movements and Progressive Governments
  5. General Strike in Iraq
  6. A Pink Tide in the North?
  7. Yellow Vests Still Fighting
  8. Hong Kong Protests Six Months In

Bolivia Past and Present

Origins of the Crisis  Robert Cavooris / Viewpoint Magazine (Brooklyn)

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Macho Camacho  Jeffery R. Webber and Forrest Hylton / Verso Books (New York)

Bolivia’s Tragic Turmoil  Linda Farthing and Olivia Arigho-Stiles / NACLA Report (New York)

Fighting Back  Zoe PC / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)


The Bigger Picture

Counterrevolution and China  Walden Bello / Jacobin (New York)

Lessons from Brazil’s Workers Party  Patrick Bond / CounterPunch (Petrolia CA)

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Notes from the First Pink Tide  Marta Harnecker (2015) / Monthly Review (New York)

General Strike in Iraq 

France 24 (Paris)

Striking Iraqis sealed off key bridges and avenues in Baghdad and across the south Sunday, boosting a weeks-long street movement that is demanding a government overhaul.

A Pink Tide in the North?

Derek Royden / Nation of Change (Costa Mesa CA)

Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have used movement-building to different degrees to create campaigns that are very different both from those opposing them now but also from any that came before.

Yellow Vests’ Year of Insurgency

Benjamin Dodman / France 24 

November 17 marks the first anniversary of France’s Yellow Vest movement, a potent, unconventional insurgency that has been widely caricatured and misunderstood, and is set to leave a lasting imprint on French society and politics.

Hong Kong Protests Six Months In

Cannix Yau / South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Protesters have escalated their actions, blocking thoroughfares across the city, disrupting train services and engaging in intense clashes with police. Government supporters find the situation increasingly unacceptable.