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Why Brazilian Workers Love Lula

Lula Da Silva Review of Lula and His Politics of Cunning: From Metalworker to President of Brazil by John D. French (University of North Carolina Press, 2020).

Lula Walks Free from Prison

Dom Phillips The Guardian
Workers’ party leader had been held for 580 days for corruption. Court rules incarceration unlawful until appeals exhausted.


“If Lula is Arrested, Civil Disobedience is the Way” Calls MST Leader Joao Pedro Stedile

Denise Assis O Cafezinho / The Dawn News
Power depends on correlation of strength. The bourgeoisie and its minions use the judicial power to suit their interests as if this was a monarchy, with no oversight by society. They trampled on the Constitution in order to reach their goals. The working class has only one space where it can exert its political power: mobilization on the streets.


“There is no negotiation whatsoever”: Union leader Douglas Izzo talks about labor rights in post-coup Brazil

Brian Mier Council on Hemispheric Affairs
No candidate has ever run for the presidency promising to raise the retirement age, end formal employment protection and greatly expand outsourcing. Nobody would ever get elected saying these things. The only way to remove the labor rights that we fought for over the last 100 years was through a coup such as the one in Brazil that forced Dilma Rousseff out of office. Workers have responded by strikes, demonstrations and massive rallies.

Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff Re-elected in Close Vote

Emile Schepers People's World
Rousseff won most of Brazil's 26 states including Minas Gerais, Neves' home state where she was the governor from 2003 to 2010. Neves did well in a band of states in the West and South of the country, where the population is wealthier and predominantly of European ancestry, while Rousseff did well in the East and North, where there is a higher proportion of people of African and mixed African and European ancestry.
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