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Global Left Midweek - July 8, 2020

No exit in Europe? Walden Bello says we can beat the far right, and more reports from four continents

Covid safety and labor action intersect in Vietnam, Photo: Getty Images
  1. Walden Bello: We Can Beat the Far Right
  2. Hard Lessons From Europe
  3. India: Envisioning Care as a Society
  4. Global Palestinian Protest
  5. Brazil: Workers Party Leader Speaks
  6. Rift in Nepal’s Governing Communist Party 
  7. Možemo! Big Win in Croatian Election
  8. Labor in Vietnam’s Covid Fight
  9. Nigeria’s Left

Bello: We Can Beat the Far Right

Walden Bello / Focus on the Global South (Washington)

Steps can be taken by the left in both the global South and the global North to challenge, compete with, and, in the end, vanquish the right.

Hard Lessons From Europe

David Adler / Roar (Amsterdam)

The divided left should acknowledge the European Union as the terrain on which they are fighting, and commit themselves to that fight knowing full well that its rules are rigged against them.

India: Envisioning Care as a Society

Kavita Krishnan / The Wire (New Delhi)

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‘We need to uncouple protectiveness from restrictions on women’s rights.’ The secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association speaks at length.

Global Palestinian Protest

Jessica Corbett / Common Dreams (Portland ME)

The anticipated annexation and Trump's broader plan have drawn sharp critiques from the international community, which considers all existing Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal. 

Brazil: Workers Party Leader Speaks

José “Zé” Dirceu / Jacobin (New York)

Workers are actually struggling right now, as we speak, the same way women spontaneously rose up against hunger in the neighborhoods of the major urban areas in the 1970s. The problem for the Left is this: Where are we while they are fighting? Are we fighting alongside them? 

Rift in Nepal’s Governing Communist Party 

PTI / New Indian Express (Chennai)

Top leaders of the ruling Nepal Communist Party will meet to decide the political future of beleaguered Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli amid heightened intra-party rift and his anti-India remarks.

Možemo! Big Win in Croatia

Josip Jagić / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

The Croatian public agrees that there are two winners of these elections. One is the conservatives around the HDZ, while the other is the emerging New Left gathered around a broad green-left coalition.

Labor in Vietnam’s Covid Fight

Joe Buckley / Equal Times (Brussels)

Grassroots pressure from workers has played an important role in Vietnam’s coronavirus response.

Nigeria’s Left

Adam Mayer / Jacobin

Nigeria has a powerful tradition of socialist theory and practice that deserves to be better understood by the international left.