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6,000 Workers Strike in Vietnam

Staff reporters VN Express
The workers protested against unreasonable rules, including a required three-day notice to take leave for a death in the family.

Vietnam's Labor Newspaper Reports on Abuses at Home and Abroad: Maintains an Independent Critical Voice

David Bacon The Reality Check
It might surprise unionists here, that Vietnam not only has a labor newspaper, Lao Dong (Labor), but that it has a staff of about 200. It's a mainstream publication and the second most widely read newspaper in Vietnam, with a print run of 40,000 and another 200,000 digital subscribers. And Lao Dong has deep roots, having been published since 1930. This is in remarkable contrast to the United States, where we have no national labor newspaper.

Workers Making Nike and Adidas Shoes in Vietnam: Strike!

The Guardian UK
Guardian is WRONG! Just after media reports, Vietnamese General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) affiliated union members successfully ended the strike. Vietnam unions play an official role to formulate, vote and implement labor policy and other policies via Communist Party, National Assembly, regional/local government and state agencies as well as negotiate workplace contracts. This successful strike resulted in improved interpretations of social insurance policy.
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