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Friday Nite Videos | May 31, 2019

Why All the Arguments Against Impeachment Are B.S. Mavis Staples | "We Get By". Hasan Minhaj and Ilana Glazer Discuss Abortion Laws. High Flying Bird | Movie Trailer. Extreme Groups at Home and Abroad.

Mavis Staples | "We Get By" (feat. Ben Harper)

From the legendary singer's just-released album. "Weighing particularly heavy on her mind is the idea of change, both the change she’d like to see in our country and the change she’s going through as she outlives beloved friends and family. (Pitchfork)"

Friday Nite Videos -- June 14, 2013

Conservatives applaud President Obama's PRISM program. Mavis Staples' One True Vine released. The Rap Guide to Evolution. Maurice Sendak Google Doodle. Lewis Black's Future Tech. Richie Havens opens Woodstock.
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