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A Tale Of Many Cities: Potholes in the Road To Municipal Reform

Steve Early Talking Union
Gonzalez, in his book Reclaiming Gotham: Bill De Blasio and the Movement to End America's Tale of Two Cities argues that de Blasio has presided over the “most left-leaning government in the history of America’s greatest city." He "reports that, under de Blasio, poor and working class New Yorkers have received a $21 billion “infusion of income and economic benefits” which also includes long deferred wage increases.


CUNY Feels The Effects of a Worsening Relationship With Cuomo

Governor Cuomo" has yet to reach a contract agreement with CUNY’s faculty union, the Professional Staff Congress, whose more than 25,000 members have been without one since 2010, or District Council 37, which represents over 10,000 non-professional workers at CUNY and hasn’t had a contract since 2009." He’s denied CUNY staff a $15 minimum wage, even as he insisted upon it at the State University of New York.


Mayor de Blasio to Raise Base Pay for City Workers

New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio will sign an agreement on Wednesday with DC37, AFSCME to raise the minimum wage to $15. This will cover about 50,000 municipal workers including DC37.

"Broken Window Policies" are Discriminatory and Should be Opposed in U.S., Israel

M. Dove Kent, Donna Nevel, Rebecca Vilkomerson Tikkun Daily
As Jewish New Yorkers, we firmly believe that no community can ever be safe through the oppression of another. Your advocacy of broken windows policing while in Israel reinforces the Israeli government's ongoing policies of discrimination against Palestinians. The military occupation of Palestinian communities, political and economic exclusion ...and discriminatory and violent policing by the military and police do not increase the safety of the Jewish people.


New York City Council Passes 'Ban The Box' Bill Restricting Use of Criminal Records in Hiring

Christopher Mathias Huffington Post
The Fair Chance Act is a bill that would delay when many of the city’s private sector employers can ask job applicants about their criminal history. The bill’s lead sponsor, council member Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn) said that the bill has the “pleasure” of being a “jobs bill, a criminal justice bill, and a public safety bill” all at once.

NYPD Insubordination Results - Drop in Crime

Nathaniel Downes; Charles F. Coleman Jr.
Statistics speak for themselves - revealing the New York Police Department has been needlessly arresting people who were not criminals at all. The NYPD has given Mayor Bill de Blasio proof that the department is indeed out of control, and not accountable to the people they are there to protect. The "broken windows" approach to law enforcement needs to be scrapped, and also the age-old trend of funding America's cities on the backs of the poor.


Labor Must Reject Police Union President Pat Lynch’s Bitter Bile

Jonathan Tasini New York Daily News
A simple, broad labor statement of unity — supporting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's efforts, the right in a democracy to protest against police brutality and the good work of the majority of decent police officers, and calls for a new campaign to regulate handguns like the one used to murder two policemen and a citywide dialogue on racism and policing — is in order.
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