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Frida Kahlo: Communist, Feminist, Global Commodity

Lauren Kaori Gurley The Indypendent
A look at a new and extensive retrospective of the outstanding Mexican artist’s work at New York’s Brooklyn Museum through more than 350 objects shows Kahlo’s political and artistic life in all of its complexities and contradictions.

Getting Past the Icon -- Should Photographers Depict Reality, or Try to Change It?

David Bacon afterimage, the journal of media arts and cultural criticism, vol. 40, no. 6
Can photographers be participants in the social events they document? Eighty years ago the question would have seemed irrelevant in the political upsurges of the 1930s, in both Mexico and the United States. Many photographers were political activists, and saw their work intimately connected to workers strikes, political revolution or the movements for indigenous rights. Now a book and a recent exhibition should reopen this debate.
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