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Friday Nite Videos | November 30, 2018

Retired Lieutenant Colonel: 'I Believe Treason Is Illegal'. Time for a Progressive International. ¡LAS SANDINISTAS! | Documentary. Bernie Sanders Keynotes 'The Gathering'. 'Absolutely No Business in Russia.' Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism.

The Swamp Thickens

Chris Lehmann The Baffler
What the Michael Cohen story tells us about Trumpian corruption

Rudy Giuliani's Confessions

Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle Rudy Giuliani admitting President Donald Trump knew about the Stormy Daniels payment.

How Michael Cohen Pleading the 5th Could Backfire on Donald Trump

In a special legal report, Ari Melber examines Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s decision to plead the 5th in matters relating to the Stormy Daniels case. Melber points out Nixon’s own lawyer plead the 5th during a Watergate grand jury, but eventually flipped.

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