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Veterans Call on the Minnesota National Guard to Stand Down

Veterans for Peace Veterans for Peace
We are appalled to see military weapons, vehicles and equipment once again deployed in U.S. cities to control community members who are reacting to a long history of state-sanctioned violence.

The Long Arm of the Law: On the Rise of the Global “Good Cop”

Lyle Jeremy Rubin The Baffler
Protesters march against police brutality in Oakland, California. Badges Without Borders is a book about America’s post-WWII “global transit of police ideas and personnel.” Its critical framework is indebted to a rich legacy of thought centering on the racist underbelly of the international economic order.

Obama Administration Prepares to Reinforce the Militarized Police Occupation of Black America

Glen Ford Black Agenda Report
Barack Obama is “responsible for the biggest escalation in the history of the one-sided war against Black America." He increased militarization of local police 24-fold before banning some kinds of Pentagon weapons transfers, but is now preparing to send more battlefield weaponry to the streets of our cities. “Clinton or Trump will surely build on Obama’s lethal legacy.”
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