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Its' Not Just Racism, but also Militarization at the Heart of Police Brutality

Jeremy Kuzmarov Huffington Post
The militarization of American police forces goes back a long way. During the Cold War, American police advisers tasked with training their proteges in clandestine surveillance and to assist in counterinsurgency operations in countries like Vietnam came back to advance methods domestically that devalued civil liberties, contributing to the trend towards militarization.

Obama Administration Prepares to Reinforce the Militarized Police Occupation of Black America

Glen Ford Black Agenda Report
Barack Obama is “responsible for the biggest escalation in the history of the one-sided war against Black America." He increased militarization of local police 24-fold before banning some kinds of Pentagon weapons transfers, but is now preparing to send more battlefield weaponry to the streets of our cities. “Clinton or Trump will surely build on Obama’s lethal legacy.”

Arresting Development

Bakari Kitwana ColorLines
Melina Abdullah, a BLM organizer and chair of Pan African Studies at California State University, L.A., says that local police are using arrests and felony charges to contain a resistance movement pushing to disarm, defund and abolish their departments. “I saw it happen several times; I was present for the targeting,” she says, recalling the way police officers watched and followed Richards over the last several years as they organized actions.

Power Loves the Dark: Police Nationwide Are Secretly Exploiting Intrusive Technologies With the Feds’ Complicity

Matthew Harwood and Jay Stanley TomDispatch
No where do America’s wars come home more fiercely or embed themselves more deeply than in USA police forces. Jay Stanley and TomDispatch regular Matthew Harwood, both of the American Civil Liberties Union, write that intrusive new forms of technology, developed by or in conjunction with the Pentagon for battlefield use, are coming to your neighborhood. So welcome to the war zone, America.
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