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Activism Then & Now: Organizing in the Pre-Twitter Era

John Eklund Portside
There’s no question that social and digital media are transforming the way movements are built and organized. But technology by itself has never overthrown a tyrant nor seized state power. Self-expression is a potent thing, but as a plan of action it’s just a start. Progress demands that the contemporary social media-based resistance overcome its fear and loathing of leadership, organization and ideology.

Milwaukee Officials: Black Youth, Single Mothers Are Not Responsible for Systemic Failings—You Are

Charmaine Lang Rewire
Single mothers should not be blamed for young people's responses to a city that ignores or criminalizes them. Many of Milwaukee’s Black families have never experienced calm. They have not experienced a city that centers their needs and voices. Black youth fed up with their treatment are not creeps. Should they face unemployment, underemployment, police brutality, and racism—and face it without complaint?

Milwaukee’s War on Black People

Sarah Lazare Alternet
Protesters taking to the streets today say that police violence against black residents of Milwaukee remains systemic. “You see anger, just the anger and the frustration of a community that has suffered atrocities and oppression on behalf of what they deem to be the police oppressive system, that has never seemingly been held accountable for taking the life, like the young man said, of their loved ones,” Muhibb Dyer, a community activist said.

Future of Milwaukee Depends on Raising Poverty Wages

By Matthew Finnell Wisconsin Jobs Now!
Through outreach, organizing, and advocacy workers can improve their wages, hours, and benefits through direct action and by enacting pro-worker policies. The only reason manufacturing jobs paid well in the first place was because workers demanded that they did decades ago.

Milwaukee Fast Food Workers Walk Out

By Ruth Conniff The Progressive
Calling for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without fear of reprisal from their bosses, workers at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Simply Fashion and Taco Bell in Milwaukee joined their fellow workers who have walked off the job in Detroit, New York City, Chicago and St. Louis in recent weeks.
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