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Trump and the Militias Consummate Their Marriage

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
Armed protestors inside Michigan legislature. It’s the new normal: armed fascists intimidate elected officials who oppose the President as Republicans either stay silent or – like Trump himself – egg them on.


Convergence On the Right

Cathy Nugent Workers' Liberty
As the far right grows world-wide through the confluence of traditional conservatives, authoritarian elements, white nationalists and previously marginal fascists, its sway makes struggles against capital problematic. A new book charts alternatives.

In Austria’s Rust Belt, Workers Swing Toward Right-Wing Populism

Angela Mayr Il Manifesto
Many workers in Austria's rust belt, once a center of Socialist and Communist strength, are supporting a far right candidate for president. Many express disappointment with the E.U., immigrants, the government’s stalemate locked in an eternal grand coalition, the desire to change the system.


It Is Rigged…and We Must Revolt

Guy Standing Working-Class Perspectives
The system is rigged — by an evolving form of capitalism that undermines genuine ‘free trade’. Rising inequality is fomenting anger and desperation. A revolt is coming, but its direction is uncertain. Some fall prey to neo-fascist appeals of Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen. They will not be stopped by scorn alone. We need a progressive alternative focused on building a new income distribution system for the citizenry, not for the oligarchy.
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