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How Pregnancy Changes the Brain

Gina Jiménez Scientific American
A study of more than 100 new parents showed that pregnancy and birth cause changes in brain circuits that may be involved in empathy and bonding with the child

Friday Nite Videos | August 18, 2023

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Where Am ‘I’? Your Brain and You

Diana Kwon Scientific American
How does your brain create a physical sense of self? New insight comes from zapping a region, known as the anterior precuneus, that causes people to feel dissociated from their body.

Friday Nite Videos | June 9, 2023

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Why Did Our Brains Shrink?

We've lost a lemon sized piece of brain. Here are three hypotheses that try to explain what happened.

Cash Assistance to Mothers Boosted Infants’ Brain Activity, Study Shows

Danilo Trisi Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Early neuro-imaging results provide powerful new evidence of what so many other studies have found — a more secure and adequate family income alters children’s lives in concrete ways and expands their opportunities to succeed and thrive.
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