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Unionizing Made Me a Different Person

Emily Markwiese Jacobin
Forming a union with my coworkers at the immersive arts company Meow Wolf wasn’t easy. It was stressful and scary. But we pushed past that fear — and ended up transforming our lives in the process.

With Ads, Imagery and Words, Republicans Inject Race Into Campaigns

Jonathan Weisman New York Times
Running ads portraying Black candidates as soft on crime — or as “different” or “dangerous” — Republicans have shed quiet defenses of such tactics for unabashed defiance. For the Trumpers it was always about all about race.

Remembering IPS Associate Fellow Steve Cobble

John Cavanagh Institute for Policy Studies
One of the country’s leading progressive political strategists and visionaries, Cobble never stopped believing that ‘a better world is possible.’
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