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Building Memphis For All

April Freeman and Bennett Foster interviewed by Mary Jo Connelly Organizing Upgrade
Memphis For All is fighting to build a different kind of city and state, one that is run for and by all of us. We need an economy that works for all of us, instead of one rigged for corporations; we need a legal system that treats everyone fairly...


Assembling a New Left

Terence Renaud Los Angeles Review of Books
This book, says reviewer Renaud, "fits squarely within a left tradition that highlights Marxism’s method rather than its dogmatic prescriptions," in trying to come to terms with today's insurgent, left-oriented social movements.

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Overlook His Critiques of Capitalism and Militarism

Zaid Jilani The Intercept
MLK in demonstration King’s approval ratings are much higher decades after his death than they were during his life. By 1987, 76 percent of Americans held a favorable view of the activist leader. But many are taught a simplified version of his life, focusing on only one of the three dimensions that defined him. During the Vietnam speech that turned the establishment against him, King railed against the “the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism.”

What were the top BDS victories of 2017?

Nora Barrows-Friedman The Electronic Intifada
bds demonstrators 2017 saw artists, performers, athletes, politicians, cultural workers, faith-based organizations, students, academics, unions and activists grow the movement for Palestinian rights.

In Defense of Playing Defense

Howard Machtinger Portside
Yes, we do need a vision of future possibilities, but right now we live in a moment where the other side has so much power, we must apply ourselves to effective defense. I am growing weary of the deprecation of "just playing defense". Every sports fan knows that championship teams are built on sound defense.

Leaping with the Angels, Leaping for the People

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright The Leap
During a early November week-end, nearly 80 local leaders gathered at Debs Park in Los Angeles, to begin framing a justice-based vision of how the second largest city in the United States can go fossil fuel free by 2025. We brought together a spectrum of organizers from the frontlines of Indigenous rights, environmental justice, labor and food justice, and more.
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