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Confront White Supremacy from Charlottesville to the White House

The Movement for Black Lives The Movement for Black Lives
The events in Charlottesville are not anomaly; They are happening all over America. Challenge yourself to use your imagination and consider all the symbols and institutions of white supremacy. PLUS: A call on all Asian Americans to join us in defending our vision of democracy – one where we protect the vulnerable amongst us, resist efforts to erode our hard-won rights and protections, and fight to advance progress for all marginalized communities.

Spain votes ‘no’ on failed economic policies

Mark Weisbrot Al Jazeera America
A new party of the Left in Spain has surprised pundits by winning big in last Sunday's elections by running on an an-austerity program. Mark Weisbrot offers some background and an analysis of how these developments fit within the overall "post-recession" Eurozone crisis.
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