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Review: Occupied Season 2

Dan Slevin Radio New Zealand
When the first season of Occupied was on screen the Russians were a fictional threat. Has reality caught up with the conceit?

The Norwegian Menace Should We Build a Wall to Keep Them Out?

Ann Jones Tom Dispatch
"Keep in mind that all Norwegians have the right to universal public health care, universal public education through professional schools or university and beyond, care of the elderly and disabled, paid parental leave for mothers and fathers, subsidized early childhood education (from age 1), affordable housing, state of the art public transport, and a raft of other services that take the worry out of daily life."

The Role of the Norwegian Left

Ellen Engelstad, Marie Sneve Martinussen Jacobin
Norway's parliamentary elections on Monday, September 11, 2017 will point the way forward for the country's left.

How Norway Avoided Becoming a Fascist State

George Lakey Yes! Magazine
Instead of falling to the Nazi party, Norway broke through to a social democracy. Their history shows us polarization is nothing to despair over.


Norway's Unions Confront Neoliberalism: A Country Report from a Meeting of Left Trade Unionists in European

Asbjørn Wahl The Bullet
In the public sector, neoliberal, market oriented reforms have been the order of the day in Norway ever since the 1980s – regardless of what kind of government we have had. Increased control from above and increased demand for loyalty to management have contributed to undermining working conditions and workers’ control of their own work. Resistance against this development is slowly emerging.
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