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Global Left Midweek – July 13, 2022

Economic collapse and mass action finished off the Sri Lanka regime.

Protesters take over the compound of Sri Lanka's Presidential Palace in Colombo. Credit,CNN
  1. Sri Lanka’s Government Broken by Mass Action
  2. Survival Protests 
  3. Ecosocialism or Barbarism
  4. Resisting Putin’s War
  5. The Battle of Algerians
  6. Norway’s Rødt Party
  7. Backlash Against Police Violence in Trinidad
  8. New Turn for Labour Party’s Momentum Group
  9. Sudan: Street Heat and Frustration
  10. Where is Cuba Going?


Sri Lanka’s Government Broken by Mass Action

Devjyot Ghoshal and Uditha Jayasinghe / Euronews (Lyon)

A few dozen activists started meeting regularly at a seaside tented camp in Colombo for hours-long sessions to think up ways to revive Sri Lanka’s flagging protest movement. Within weeks, hundreds of thousands of people descended on Colombo. Protesters occupied key government buildings, forcing President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to promise to step down.

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Survival Protests 

  • Uruguay Tanya Wadhwa / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)
  • China / BBC News (London)
  • Israel   Danielle Nagler / The Times of Israel (Jerusalem)
  • Ireland   Liz Dunphy / Irish Examiner (Cork)
  • Zimbabwe   Tawanda Karombo / IOL (Cape Town)

Ecosocialism or Barbarism

Alberto Garzón Espinosa / Monthly Review (New York)

An ideological and material retreat of broad social sectors is taking place in the face of the fundamental uncertainties of the Anthropocene era. Taking up these challenges requires the ability to put together broad social and political alliances to prepare the ground for a whole historical and social bloc to emerge. 

Resisting Putin
s War

The Battle of Algerians

Matteo Giusti / il manifesto Global (Rome)

Algeria is an African giant stretching from the endless Sahara to the southern coast of the Mediterranean, and its role is becoming more important every day. The People’s Republic of Algeria has a troubled history and has had to fight to free itself from the French colonial yoke that had no intention of giving up a land it considered its own.

s Rødt Party

Duroyan Fertl / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Brussels)

The impact of the war in Ukraine in the Nordic countries has been largely viewed with reference to Finland and Sweden and their possible accession to NATO. But what have been the reactions of other Nordic countries to Russia's war of aggression, what are their most important demands, and what role are left parties playing in this response?

Backlash Against Police Violence in Trinidad

Janine Mendes-Franco / Global Voices (Amsterdam)

Trinidad’s capital city, Port of Spain, was in gridlock on July 4 as a result of protests about the police killing of three young men over the weekend. In one Instagram video, police are seen warning residents of east Port of Spain to desist from obstructing the roadways during their protests; in response, one man shouts, “Stop the police killing!”

New Turn for Labour Party’s Momentum Group

Sudan: Street Heat and Frustration

  • No Easy Walk   Justin Lynch / African Arguments (London)
  • A New Stage   Pavan Kulkarni / Peoples Dispatch 

Where is Cuba Going?

Michael A. Lebowitz /

The Party has used state planning to develop key sectors, provided full employment (via the state), ensured universal free education, universal free healthcare and universal subsidized necessities. The party leadership has mobilized masses to battle the effects of natural disasters and for the purpose of consultation on party proposals.