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Global Left Midweek - April 17, 2019

Sudan * Algeria * Indonesia * Islam and the Left * Cuba and Venezuela * UK Labour Leader Remembered * Turkey * Auto Strike Wins in Hungary * Showdown for the Amazon * Global Bern

Global Left Midweek - April 10, 2019

Cuba survives, Yellow Vests meet, South Africa's new left party, Germans demands nationalized housing, New ferment in Mideast, Anti-Modi unity, New unions in UK, Slovenia's left

Algerian Protesters Reject Military's Gambit to Maintain Power

Simon Speakman Cordall Al-Monitor
Algerian Health workers demonstrate March 19th. The Algerian Army’s Chief of Staff has called upon parliament to declare President Abdelaziz Bouteflika unfit and replace him with a caretaker. But leaders of Algeria’s massive protest movement have rejected the ploy, demanding more systemic change.
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