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Global Left Midweek - April 10, 2019

Cuba survives, Yellow Vests meet, South Africa's new left party, Germans demands nationalized housing, New ferment in Mideast, Anti-Modi unity, New unions in UK, Slovenia's left

Algerian Protesters Reject Military's Gambit to Maintain Power

Simon Speakman Cordall Al-Monitor
Algerian Health workers demonstrate March 19th. The Algerian Army’s Chief of Staff has called upon parliament to declare President Abdelaziz Bouteflika unfit and replace him with a caretaker. But leaders of Algeria’s massive protest movement have rejected the ploy, demanding more systemic change.

Global Left Midweek - March 20, 2019

Worldwide Climate Protest, Algiers Upsurge, Stédile on Venezuela, Philippines Strike, Yellow Vests, Remembering Marielle, Ukraine Elections, Pakistani Women's Movement Under Attack

Global Left Midweek - March 6, 2019

Montréal Urban Left, Eastern Europeans on Venezuela Crisis, France: Police vs. Yellow Vests, Algeria's Mass Protest Movement, El Salvador’s Backslide, Swaziland Youth Congress, Class Struggle in Iran


Camus on Trial

Jeffrey C. Isaac Dissent Magazine
While Camus was a vocal advocate of Arab rights since the 1930s, his fictional universe seemed blind to their existence. . In 1957 Albert Camus uttered a widely misquoted criticism of terrorism. What he meant to say, what he in fact said, is that a policy of killing innocent civilians - whether his own mother or the mother of his adversary - is not properly named "justice."

The Wretched of the Sea: An Algerian Perspective

Hamza Hamouchene Middle East Eye
In Algeria, as elsewhere in Africa, economic neglect and despair at corrupt authoritarian regimes compels the continent's young people to risk death to escape to Europe.Due to the restrictions on freedom of expression and association and also because of the lack of space of entertainment, art and creativity, young people feel suffocated, humiliated, without dignity - foreigners in their own country and the only horizon they can see is the one beyond the sea.
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