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Global Left Midweek - Focus: The Left in the EU

The Left in the EU + American Lessons From Labour's Defeat + Fury in India, Algeria and Colombia + Mass Strike in France + Building Democracy in Kurdish Syria

A protester dressed as Santa in a Paris bus shelter with graffiti that reads 'Not yet Christmas and already stuffed' on 17 December,Photo: Getty Images
  1. Party of the European Left Meets
  2. EL: Political Overview
  3. EU Symposium
  4. Portugal: In and Against the EU
  5. Political Substance for Europe
  6. Fury In the Streets: India, Algeria, Colombia
  7. American Eyes On Labour's Defeat
  8. A Mass Strike for Christmas
  9. Fighting Islamophobia in France
  10. How Democracy Was Built in Kurdish Syria

Party of the European Left Meets 

Party of the European Left (Brussels)

EL: Political Overview

The European Left is now facing a new turning point, the necessity for a political re-launch. We must now work actively and purposefully towards the cooperation of all left-wing and greens forces in Europe, through struggles and common goals.

EU Symposium

transform! europe (Vienna)

This seminar was focused on the results of the European Elections and their impact on the European left. The eDossier contains selected contributions for debate on the prospective European strategy of the left forces.

Portugal: In and Against the EU

Hilary Wainwright / Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)

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Portugal's Socialist government, backed by an alliance with the Communist Party and the Left Bloc, have shown that it is possible to implement an effective anti-austerity programme as a member of the EU.

Political Substance for Europe

Mary Kaldor / Social Europe (London)

The point is that we need far-reaching measures to tame globalisation. The measures require substantive democracy at the European level—debate and deliberation, and activism, across Europe. 

Fury In the Streets

India  Sushanta Talukdar / Frontline (Mumbai)
Algeria  Arezki Metref / Le Monde diplomatique (Paris)
Colombia  Kate Paarlberg-Kvam and Priscyll Anctil Avoine / NACLA Report (New York)

American Eyes On Labour's Defeat

The Urgent Need for Grassroots Organizing  Sarah Jaffe / The Progressive (Madison)
What the US Democrats Should and Should Not Learn  Eric Levitz / New York Magazine
Socialist Movement-Building for the New Decade  Nolan MacGregor / New Socialist (London)

Viva la France I: A Mass Strike for Christmas

Anthony Cuthbertson / The Independent (London)

Public support remains strong despite massive travel disruption amid most severe worker action in decades.

Viva la France II: Fighting Islamophobia

Malia Bouattia / Middle East Eye (London)

Taking down Macron's government is far more likely to be achieved if protesters join forces with migrants, people of colour and Muslims.

How Democracy Was Built in Kurdish Syria

Rojava Information Center 

Interviews and case studies give the clearest picture yet of the stated aims of the political project in North and East Syria.