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Global Left Midweek - Spotlight on Eastern Europe

How Sinn Féin won young voters - and Eastern Europe, Algeria, Lebanon, and El Salvador

Demonstrators shout during a protest in Tripoli, Lebanon, last November,Photo: Reuters
  1. Russia’s Crackdown on Activists
  2. Irena Biháriová: I Will Not Let the Extremists Own the Streets
  3. Gender and Populism in Turkey
  4. Polish Farmers for Green Energy
  5. The Irish Election
  6. Algerian Unions Under Attack
  7. El Salvador: FMLN Meets Amidst Constitutional Crisis
  8. Lebanon Protesters Keep Pressure On

Russia’s Crackdown on Activists

Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

A terrorism trial has caused outrage among activists in Russia, who claim the entire case was fabricated by the FSB agency. A military court issued long sentences for the alleged members of the leftist "Network" group.

Confronting Fascists in Slovakia

Irena Biháriová / (Bratislava)

Biháriová is a Romani lawyer in Bratislava and co-chair of the center-left party Progresívne Slovensko.

Gender and Populism in Turkey

Alev Ozkazanc / ResearchGate (Berlin)

After 2015, gender politics was reshaped within the complex matrix of religious-nativist nationalism, neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism, militarism, and authoritarianism. As familism replaced gender equality, the women’s movements, LGBT people and their organizations have been repressed by the state.

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Polish Farmers for Green Energy

Marta Kasztelan / Al Jazeera (Doha, Qatar)

Farmers have set up the "No to Zloczew open-pit mine" association. Aside from protesting the destruction of their livelihoods, the farmers have been raising concerns over groundwater depletion - an issue with which the region has already grappled due to the water-intensive nature of coal exploration.

The Irish Election

How Sinn Féin Won Young Voters  Liz Dunphy / Irish Examiner (Blackpool)

A Left Government for Ireland?  Rory Carroll / The Guardian (London)

Algerian Unions Under Attack

Peter Rossman / openDemocracy (London)

Trade union militants now face a double-barreled repression. They are targeted as trade unionists challenging the monopoly of the official union, and under attack for their role in driving and sustaining the ongoing democracy movement.

FMLN Meets Amidst Constitutional Crisis in El Salvador

teleSUR (Caracas)

The convention of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front agreed on the creation of alliances with eyes on next year's legislative elections. The FMLN issued a resolution Sunday rejecting the recent constitutional violations committed by current President Nayib Bukele.

Lebanon Protesters Keep Pressure On

Euronews (Lyon)

Lebanon's new government has won a vote of confidence in parliament as security forces used tear gas to try and disperse thousands of protesters near the parliament building in Beirut earlier on Tuesday.