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Trump's Pandemic Failure Means A Second Great Depression Is Looming

Annie Lowrey The Atlantic
Young unmasked and undistanced supporters listen to President Trump in Phoenix, AZ. Ending the pandemic was the only thing the government could have done to save the economy, Trump’s botched response means without a second massive federal intervention millions of US families who are just keeping their head above water will sink.

The Coronavirus and the Crisis This Time

Sam Gindin Socialist Project
The crisis this time is unique in an especially topsy-turvy way. In past capitalist crises, the state intervened to try and get the economy going again. This time, the is not on how to revive the economy, but how to further restrict it.


From Progressive Neoliberalism to Trump and Beyond

Gregory. N. Heires Portside
The social breakdown, symbolized by Trump's election and the malign effects of austerity policies serve to destroy faith in neoliberal capitalism. When that faith started to fray, new forms of outsider populist politics emerged left and right.

Socialism At Its Finest After Fed’s Bazooka Fails

Ellen Brown Web of Debt
When the Covid-19 scare has passed, we will have a different government, a different economy and a different financial system. We need to make sure that what we get is an upgrade that works for everyone.
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