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Friday Nite Videos | May 10, 2019

Lethal Injections | John Oliver. Walking Blues | Keb' Mo'. New Info About Sandra Bland Exposed in Cell Phone Video. Why You Still Don't Understand the Green New Deal. Cats Have Social Smarts. But Is Anyone Brave Enough To Study Them?

A National Abolitionist Victory for Public Health!

Critical Resistance Critical Resistance
banner and demonstrators for end of police violence "The passage of this statement and the recognition of policing as violence is a huge victory against racism and classism in this professional field. Our goal is for this work to be used to further organizing, research, and education..."

The 1968 Democratic Convention Protests - 50 Years Ago

Joel Bleifuss, Marilyn Katz, Todd Gitlin, Don Rose, Rick Perlstein In These Times
50 years after the infamous demonstrations, participants and historians reflect. What lessons does the battle of Chicago have for us today? We asked three veterans of 1968 and one historian of the period to revisit this 50-year-old debate.

The Case for Delegitimizing the Police

William C. Anderson Rewire.News
We can’t say a world without police wouldn’t work when the places that supposedly “need” police have never received adequate resources to thrive.

‘No Cop Academy’ Protesters Disrupt City Council Committee Meeting

Fran Spielman Chicago SunTimes
“Over 500 people we surveyed in West Garfield Park said they do not want this cop academy,” said Monica Trinidad, one of the demonstrators. “There are way more resources of need in their community. They want jobs. They want mental health clinics. They want public schools."


Other People’s Children, Part 2: Stories in the Aftermath, or “The Hate U Give”

Jonathan Alexander Los Angeles Review of Books
The March 18 killing of 22-year old Stephon Clark by Sacramento Police once again calls our attention to the racist aspect of the problem of civilians murdered by law enforcement. Angie Thomas's award-winning Young Adult novel is among the most recent literary responses to this crisis.
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