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Global Left Midweek – June 28, 2023

What Russian leftists have to say about the almost coup

Rallying points for worldwide climate protests. Credit,
  1. Left Analyses From Russia
  2. Worldwide Climate Protests Set For September
  3. Paris Suburb in Flames Over Killer Cops
  4. Finally, A Progressive Mayor in Toronto
  5. Open Letter From Denationalized Nicaraguans
  6. Electoral Left Unity Project in Spain
  7. Armed Resistance in Palestine
  8. Call For Action on South Africas Water Crisis
  9. Indigenous Candidate Excluded From Guatemalas Election
  10. The Left in the European Parliament


Left Analyses From Russia

Worldwide Climate 
Protests Set For September

Jake Johnson / Common Dreams (Portland ME)

This September, as world leaders discuss climate action at the United Nations in New York, people on every continent will join the largest-ever globally coordinated action to demand that governments end the use of fossil fuels. Already a Global Climate Strike is planned by Fridays for Future on September 15, and a March to End Fossil Fuels will be held in New York on September 17.

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Paris Suburb in Flames Over Killer Cops

Mera Aladam / Middle East Eye (London)

Anger spilled into the streets of France, with people protesting in Nanterre on Tuesday night. Around 31 protesters were arrested after cars, bus stops and bins were set alight. The towns of Asnieres, Colombes, Suresnes, Aubervilliers, Clichy-sous-Bois and Mantes-la-Jolie joined in to protest the shooting of 17-year-old Nael M, after he was stopped by police for road misconduct.

Finally, A Progressive Mayor in Toronto

Luke Savage / Jacobin (New York)

Mere months ago, the Right looked to have secured a political stranglehold on Canada’s largest city for the foreseeable future. Just now, New Democrat Olivia Chow beat the odds and proved that a social democratic message can win at the municipal level.

Open Letter From Denationalized Nicaraguans

International Viewpoint (Paris)

We participants of the struggle against the Somoza dictatorship and of an admired revolution, turn to the parties and organizations of the Sao Paulo Forum to denounce the regime of terror in Nicaragua, which on a daily basis violates all civil liberties, annihilates democracy and justice and subjects the people to worse oppression than that imposed by the previous dictatorship.

Electoral Left Unity Project in Spain

Roberto Morea and Marga Ferré / transform! Europe (Vienna)

A proposal to create a unitary umbrella, Sumar, led to a gathering of political forces and individuals, citizens, around a progressive agenda for the July 23 vote. Thirteen political parties participated in the process of building Sumar — the most important ones, Izquierda Unida, Podemos, Catalunya en Comú, along with some small green parties.

Armed Resistance in Palestine

Leila Warah / Middle East Eye

Many Palestinians are disillusioned by peace talks and diplomacy between officials and look down on the PA’s security coordination with Israel to suppress the armed resistance, which has caused tensions to rise in places like Nur Shams. “The only way to get back our freedom is by force.”

Call For Action on South Africa
s Water Crisis

Makana Citizens’ Front (MCF) and Unemployed Peoples’ Movement (UPM) / Grocott's Mail (Grahamstown, South Africa)

We are extremely frustrated and angry at the continuing failures of the ANC to deliver basic services to the people of Makhanda. Even worse is the inability of this municipality to provide us with clean, safe drinking water. We fear a catastrophe should we suffer a severe climate shock in the near future.

Indigenous Candidate Excluded From Guatemala
s Election

Giovanni Batz and Thelma Cabrera / NACLA Reports (New York)

Thelma Cabrera, a Maya Mam human rights defender, was one of the candidates prevented from running for office after her vice-presidential running mate, Jordán Rodas, was disqualified under dubious conditions. Cabrera speaks on Guatemala, the proposals of her party, and the current conditions within the context of the elections.

The Left in the European Parliament

Martin Schirdewan and Albert Scharenberg / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

Right-wing populists have capitalized on people’s anxiety and greatly increased their parliamentary representation. In many countries, they’re now in power. The European Left, by contrast, has struggled to turn the situation to its advantage, and has watched its returns decline In recent elections in Spain and Greece. Can the tide be turned?