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What Should be Done for Workers' Rights During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Left MEPs in the European Parliament European United Left
European Left calls for social benefit protections for all migrant and contingent workers, increased pay for health care, transport, food service, postal and other essential workers, and defense of the right to strike during the pandemic

Global Left Midweek - 1968 in 2019

Worldwide Uprising! Election News from Bolivia, Canada and Germany! Reports from Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Kurdistan! And a Long Distance Runner Makes Her Stand for Historical Truth

Global Left Midweek - October 24, 2018

Mexican President-Elect Defends Caravan, Demos in Haiti, Belgian Vote Breaks Green and Left, Korean Women's Movement, People's Power in Uganda, Rising Right Threatens Americas, Euro Parliament: Gysi Speaks

Polarization - European Parliament Elections

Barbara Steiner, Anna Striethorst, Walter Baier transform! (European Network for Alternative Thinking and Political Dialogue)
The elections to the European Parliament (EP) in May 2014 will be marked by the capitalist crisis and its - regionally quite differentiated - political impact. By contrast to 2009 when the elections evidenced a shift to the right, this time they may result in a polarisation between a new bloc of right-wing populist parties and the left wing of the left.
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