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Global Left Midweek - 1968 in 2019

Worldwide Uprising! Election News from Bolivia, Canada and Germany! Reports from Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Kurdistan! And a Long Distance Runner Makes Her Stand for Historical Truth

The head of Dagoberto Godoy hangs from a statue of the indigenous Mapuche chieftain Caupolicán after protesters decapitated a statue of the Chilean air force pilot in Temuco,Photograph: Paulo Quintana/Araucania Online
  1. 1968 in 2019
  2. Díaz-Canel at Havana Anti-Imperialist Conference
  3. Hong Kong: View from the Streets
  4. More Election Summaries: Bolivia, Canada, Germany
  5. Chile: Social Movement and Party
  6. Luciana Castellina on the EP’s Rewriting of WWII History
  7. Iraq IS a Hard Place
  8. Video: Kurdish Women's Defense Units Spokeswoman


1968 in 2019

Jack Shenker / The Guardian (London)

We are witnessing the biggest surge in global protest activity since the early 2010s, when a “movement of the squares” saw mass rallies in capital cities across the Arab world, followed by Occupy demonstrations in the global north. 

Díaz-Canel at Havana Anti-Imperialist Conference

Miguel M. Díaz-Canel Bermúdez / Granma (Havana)

Speech by the Cuban President at the closing of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Conference, For Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, at Havana’s Convention Center, November 3, 2019.


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Hong Kong: View from the Streets

James Pomfret and Jessie Pang / Reuters (London)

The concrete towers of Wong Tai Sin are home to tens of thousands of working-class families whose struggles are woven into the fabric and lore of Hong Kong’s global rise.

More Election Summaries

Bolivia  Zoe PC / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Canada  Andrea Levy / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung New York Office

Germany  Victor Grossman / MR Online (New York)

Chile: Social Movement and Party

Origins of Revolt  Francisco Vergara-Perucich and Camillo Boano / Il Manifesto Global (Rome)

Frente Amplio  Víctor Orellana / Jacobin (New York)


Euro Parliament’s Rewriting of WWII History

Luciana Castellina / transform! Europe (Vienna)

The "Remembrance" resolution (see The End of Anti-Fascism from Jacobin) and the non-response of left parties infuriates a leading left activist.


Iraq IS a Hard Place

Harith Hasan / Middle East Eye (London)

The popular movement reflects a growing confrontation between the old language of 'sects' and a new language of citizenship and social justice.


Video: Kurdish YPJ Calls for Women’s Unity and Women’s Revolution

Nesrin Abdullah / ANF News

The Women's Defense Units (YPJ) are defending the women and people in North and East Syria, protecting their self-governance from the occupying Turkish attacks.