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The Arctic Is the Next Frontier in the New Cold War

Renate Bridenthal Geopolitical Economy
Geostrategically located, with profitable natural resources, the Arctic is rapidly becoming a militarized zone of power politics in the new cold war, contested by the US and Europe, Russia and China.

The Ukraine War

Bruce Hartford Civil Rights Movement Archive
Putin's invasion of Ukraine is not an isolated event. It's part of a broader attack against democracy that echoes events of the twentieth century.

Thousands of Russian Artists Denounce Invasion in Open Letter

Elaine Velie Hyperallergic
More than 17,000 artists and cultural workers sounded the message: “No to War!”..."it is important to say that further escalation of the war will result in irreversible consequences for workers in culture and the arts.”

Ordinary Russians Don’t Want This War

Ilya Matveev and Ilya Budraitskis Jacobin
Vladimir Putin has launched his invasion of Ukraine, seemingly expecting that his forces can subdue Ukrainian resistance. But the attack could severely destabilize his regime — with Russians already showing a notable lack of enthusiasm for war.

Cover-up of U.S. Nuclear Sub Collision in South China Sea

John V. Walsh Asia Times
U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarine, the USS Connecticut, suffered serious damage in an undersea incident that the US Navy ascribed to a collision with an undersea object - 150 nautical miles from China’s Yulin submarine base in Hainan province.

Korea – Who is the Madman?; Guam Is Being Destroyed – by the U.S.

Mehdi Hasan; Juan Cole; Leilani Ganser
Most nonproliferation experts — as well as former President Jimmy Carter and a number of former Pentagon and State Department officials, both Republican and Democrat — agree that the brutal and murderous Kim, for all his bluster, is not irrational or suicidal, but bent on preserving his regime and preventing a U.S. attack. Nuclear weapons are a defensive, not an offensive, tool for the North Korean leadership.

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