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So, the Pope and Obama Walk Into a Slum ...

Chris Arnade The Guardian
When you bend the rules to favor the wealthy, they never give back. Francis knows this because it is how Argentina, and much of Latin America, has been run for centuries.


Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay

Michael D. Shear and Steven Greenhouse New York Times
In a move expected to draw harsh opposition from the business community, President Obama will use his executive authority to push changes in overtime law so that millions of workers who are now exempt will be eligible for premium rates when working more than 40 hours per week.

No Choice

Editorial New York Times

Obama's Budget

Robert L. Borosage Campaign for America's Future

Events in Ukraine

I think we now have seen the descent of a new Cold War divide – this time not in Berlin but on Russia’s borders. Can it end there? I mean it’s already fateful – can it not get worse? I think it depends on whether the West now rises to leadership and gives Putin the guarantees he needs to back off. Now, in America there’s a different view – that he has to back off first. But that’s where we stand. -- Steven Cohen


Roger Hickey Campaign for America's Future
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