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Obama to Disband the Marine Corps

To all of my conservative friends, past, present, and future: when you hear something so incredible about your president or, in fact, any politician, will you put a minimum amount of effort to verifying it is true before you spout it as fact? Just ONE google search will usually do it.


The Next Big Fight Among Democrats?

Greg Sargent The Washington Post
Progressive Senators who have already criticized the administration on other economic issues — Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin — wrote a letter last spring to Obama, applauding his decision to revisit overtime pay. But in their letter, the liberal Senators also set forth their desired threshold: Around $54,000 per year, rather than $42,000, the amount the Obama administration is supposedly eying.

After Cuba, Obama Can Make History by Recognizing Palestine

Juan Cole The Nation
Secretary Kerry’s attempt to conclude . . . accords was . . . always quixotic and doomed to failure. A powerful Israeli state simply has no reason to abide by its commitments with a stateless, weak people divided into bantustans and encircled by checkpoints. If Palestinian statelessness is at the root of the crisis, then the solution is obvious. The Palestinians must erect, and be recognized as, a state.


Labor Ruling Puts Atlanta’s Fast-Food Empire on Edge

Dan Chapman and Leon Stafford The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A recent National Labor Relations Board ruling means unions could one day organize nationally among all McDonald’s workers, rather than one store at a time. Nowhere perhaps did the ruling reverberate louder than in Atlanta, headquarters for Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, Popeye’s and other fast-food franchises, as well as many hotel, retail and temp agency chains.The ruling could be a huge boost for the Service Employees International Union, which is organizing fast-food workers.

Seymour Hersh Gasses Turkey

The Daily Beast
In 2011 Barack Obama led an allied military intervention in Libya without consulting the US Congress. Last August, after the sarin attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, he was ready to launch an allied air strike, this time to punish the Syrian government for allegedly crossing the 'red line' he had set in 2012 on the use of chemical weapons.


Kevin Kallaugher The Economist (UK)

Deportations Hurt Workers

Liz Cattaneo Jobs With Justice
The tide is turning, but we need stronger executive action to end our country’s unjust deportation policy.
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