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Friday Nite Videos | July 19, 2024

The GOP Wants Us To Forget. Delta's Illegal Union-Busting Habit. The Project 2025 Song. We Need to Rethink Exercise – The Workout Paradox. How Cults Use Language to Control | Otherwords.


Maker of Wegovy, Ozempic Showers Money on U.S. Obesity Doctors

Chad Terhune and Robin Respaut Reuters
Drugmaker Novo Nordisk paid at least $25.8 million to an elite group of U.S. obesity specialists who advocate giving its expensive weight-loss drugs to millions of Americans. Payments also go to persuade skeptical insurers to pay for it.

Ozempic Is a Brain Drug

Sarah Zhang The Atlantic
The latest weight loss drugs succeeded not because we fully understood the hormone they’re based on but because we got lucky. And drug development, for all the careful research required, does sometimes come down to luck.

Your Body Already Has Its Own Version of Ozempic

Christopher Damman The Conversation
Despite our great aspiration for quick fixes, it’s very possible that a healthy lifestyle remains the most important way to manage metabolic disease and overall health

Friday Nite Videos | December 27, 2019

How America Is Causing Global Obesity. Bohemian Rhapsody (Donald Trump Cover). The Green New Deal's 10 Year Vision. Trump Melts Down at Rally After Getting Impeached. The Black Hole Image That Made History.

How America Is Causing Global Obesity

The global obesity rate is on the rise, having nearly tripled since the 1970s. Hasan examines how federal policy and corporations like Coca-Cola helped America export its unhealthy diet to the rest of the world.

Limited Eating Times: A New Way to Fight Obesity and Diabetes

Satchin Panda and Pam Taub The Conversation
Healthy people can adopt Time Restricted Eating (TRE), independent of diet and exercise, to reduce their risk for metabolic diseases. A new study suggests it is also an effective treatment for people with obesity or diabetes.
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