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Gastronomical Virtual Reality Experience Allows You to Eat Whatever You Want

Abigail Abesamis Daily Meal
Gastronomical virtual reality experience that simulates different sensations associated with eating may benefit weight loss, allergy and diabetic management, eating therapy, elder and disability care, kids eating habituation, remote dining, alternate reality dining, and space food.


For Tableware: Size Matters!

Midland News Express & Star Midland News Express & Star
Smaller tableware 'could help reduce over-eating and obesity.' Shrinking the size of plates, knives, forks and glasses could go some way towards tackling over-eating and obesity, a study suggests.

Obesity Breakthrough: Genetic Alchemy Can Turn Bad Fat Cells to Good

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Obesity is one of the biggest public health challenges of the 21st century, affecting more than 500 million people worldwide and costing at least $200 billion each year in the United States alone. It contributes to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Scientists have now uncovered a genetic circuit that controls whether our bodies burn or store fat. Manipulating that genetic circuit may offer a new approach for obesity treatments.


Fruit May Decrease Risk of Obesity

Alissa Marrapodi
Study published in Journal of Nutrition finds fruit, not veggies, associated with lower risks of obesity.

The Demise of Dr. Oz

Peter Janiszewski Public Library of Science
After some suave marketers used clips from Oz's TV show to sell bogus products, he faced a grilling from a panel of U.S. senators about his weight loss product claims. Oz then invited his Twitter audience, "What is your biggest question for me? Reply with #OzsInbox." Unfortunately for Oz, this strategy backfired. Horrendously. Immediately after Oz asked the question, Twitter gave Dr. Oz a hilarious slap across the face.

Sugar Substitutes Linked to Obesity

Alison Abbott Nature
Researchers noted a correlation between clinical signs of metabolic disorder — such as increasing weight or decreasing efficiency of glucose metabolism — and consumption of artificial sweeteners. The findings could cause a headache for the food industry.

Supercharging Brown Fat to Battle Obesity

Melinda Wenner Moyer Scientific American
There is no doubt that an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle are the two chief drivers of the obesity epidemic, but many researchers are confident that they will eventually hit on specific brown fat–based treatments, although most admit that such interventions most likely are 10 years away at least.

Always Hungry? Here’s Why

David S. Ludwig and Mark I. Friedman New York Times
But what if we’ve confused cause and effect? What if it’s not overeating that causes us to get fat, but the process of getting fatter that causes us to overeat? Science may slowly be coming to an understanding of the complex feedback loops which control our metabolism.
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