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Tidbits - December 21, 2017 - Reader Comments: Alabama Election; #RememberInNovember; Tax Bill; Mueller Firing Rapid Response; Police Shootings; 7 Words; Birth Control; Stealing Workers' Tips; William Pelz - R.I.P.; U.S. Foreign Military Bases; and more..

Reader Comments: Alabama Election - What Lessons?; Tax Bill - #RememberInNovember; Nobody Is above the Law — Mueller Firing Rapid Response - Check your zip code to find action near you; Police Shootings; Those 7 Words; Elected Officials - Men - Don't Know Sh*t About Birth Control; Stealing Workers' Tips; William Pelz - R.I.P.; Oscar Grant Vigil in Oakland; Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases; and more....

Florida Cop Shot Black Man with His Hands Up

Francisco Alvarado, Michael E. Miller and Mark Berman Washington Post
Police in South Florida shot an unarmed black caretaker Monday as he tried to help his autistic patient. I was thinking as long as I have my hands up . they're not going to shoot me, he told local television station WSVN from his hospital bed. Wow, was I wrong. Police then handcuffed him and left him bleeding on the pavement for about 20 minutes.

Tidbits - July 21, 2016 - Reader Comments: Racism in Police Shootings; NLRB More Activist than Labor?; Abdication of the Left?; Free State of Jones; Tair Kaminer Released; Jay-Z and Beyoncé; and more...

Reader Comments: Tair Kaminer Released; Racism in Police Shootings; NLRB Become as More Activist than Labor?; Socialism Comes to Philadelphia; Portside readers have differing views on both the Abdication of the Left and the movie, the Free State of Jones; United States-Land of Terrorists and Massacres; Is Anti-Zionism Inherently Anti-Semitic?; Jay-Z and Beyoncé are donating $1.5m to Black Lives Matter

Police Use of Deadly Force: State Statues 30 Years after Garner

Chad Flanders and Joseph C. Welling Saint Louis University Law Journal
Reading the majority opinion in Garner is a bracing experience. Justice White’s extended discussion of the common law standard of police use of force makes clear on many levels that he did not merely want to replace the common law rule: he wanted to bury it.That police could use any amount of force, including deadly force, to “seize” a fleeing felon—the common law rule which at issue in Garner—was not only constitutionally infirm, it made little sense as a policy matter.

Justice Dept. Review Finds Pattern of Racial Bias Among Ferguson Police

Sori Horwitz The Washington Post
The Justice Department will issue findings Wednesday that accuse the police department in Ferguson, Mo., of racial bias. “If the report of the Department of Justice findings are accurate, then it will confirm what Michael Brown’s family has believed all along, and that is that the tragic killing of their unarmed teenage son was part of a systemic pattern of policing of African American citizens in Ferguson,” said Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Brown’s family.
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