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‘Dead Ringers’ Skewers the Grim Realties of Gynecological Care

Audra Heinrichs Jezebel
Dead Ringers, which premieres on Friday, is subversive, sometimes shockingly gory, and a needful skewering of the U.S. medical system, the unethically wealthy, and perhaps most of all, the women society lauds as the arbiters of feminism.


TV Review: Prime Video’s ‘Swarm’ Black Female Rage As Catharsis

Jeanine T. Abraham Medium
Everyone and their brother feels free to come at Black women with all guns blazing, spewing venom on social media as much as possible, and we are supposed just to sit and “swing low sweet chariot, we shall overcome, praise Black Jesus, take the high road,” in response. Rarely do we get to see Black women articulate rage.
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