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Labor in History: Mobtown and the Stirring of America’s Unions

Bruce Vail Working In These Times
The six-week-long "Great Railroad Strike" involved an estimated 100,000 workers in more than a dozen states, and succeeded in paralyzing much of the nation’s transportation system. The strike was brutally crushed by state and federal troops with more than 100 dead and thousands injured. The strike itself may have failed to achieve the B&O employees’ original goal of wage restoration, but it stimulated the growth of unions, particularly among rail workers.


Londoners Battle Tube Strike, Businesses Lament Losses

Belinda Goldsmith Reuters
The walk-out, and a planned three-day strike next week, is over plans to close about 250 ticket offices and cut 950 jobs in a restructuring that Transport for London, which runs London's transportation network, says could save 50 million pounds a year.
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