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To Translate Humanity: Remembering Gaza and the Summer of 2014

Hadeel Assali Praxis Center
The summer of 2014, when Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip killing well over 2,000 people, was marked with a heavy sense of helplessness for Palestinians around the world. Palestinian American writer and filmmaker Hadeel Assali remembers the summer of 2014 and the making of her short film, Shuja'iyah: Land of the Brave, to shed light on the humanity and nuance of of Palestinian people and stories.

The Ravages of War in Gaza - Humanitarian and Environmental Crisis

Sudarsan Raghavan; Hamza Hendawi
Everywhere you look there is destruction: mosques, factories, schools, hospitals, universities and thousands of houses, many shattered into piles of bricks, glass and metal. The death toll - more than 1,900 killed, including at least 450 children. But a longer-term trauma may be the large number of wounded - more than 9,800, mostly civilians, including at least 3,000 children.
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