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‘Rent-To-Own’ or ‘Rent-Until-Evicted’?

Rebecca Burns Insider
Home Partners entices Americans locked out of traditional mortgages with rent-to-own deals. But an Insider analysis of three major markets found that eviction filings were more common than sales.

Friday Nite Videos | June 9, 2023

I Tracked Down My Anonymous Landlord... Here's What Happened. How a 1968 Student Protest Fueled a Chicano Rights Movement. Santos' Lawyer Was Part of the J6 Mob. Why Did Our Brains Shrink? The Canadian Village Incinerated by Record Temperature.

Global Left Midweek - November 3, 2021

From Berlin housing referendum fight, three essential building blocks for success—targeting the broad middle of society, a plan to win, and precise political work—show the way forward
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