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We Are Living in a Failed State

George Packer The Atlantic
The coronavirus didn't break America. It revealed what was already broken. Trump acquired a federal government crippled by years of right-wing ideological assault and steady defunding. He set about finishing the job, destroying the civil service.

Tidbits - Apr.23, 2020 - Reader Comments: Reopen or Re-Infect; Black Plague; Voting Imperiled - Today, Remembering the 60s; Coronavirus: The Crisis This Time; Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags; The Killing Floor at Smithfield; Killing the Post Office

Reader Comments: Reopen or Re-Infect; The Black Plague; Voting Imperiled - Today and Remembering the 60s; Coronavirus - The Crisis This Time; Nurses Wearing Garbage Bags - Really?; The Killing Floor at Smithfield; Killing the Post Office; more...

From Denialism to Eco-fascism: The Right’s New Climate Change Blame Game

Maurice Mitchell Daily Kos - Our Prism
The climate crisis has long been escalating. We’ve reached a new level of existential threat. Now, some elements of the right wing are using the crisis to advance eco-fascism—an ideology that sees climate change migrants as a threat to “our America.

Fascist Forces are Growing Support in Germany

Victor Grossman Portside
Germany today, the right-wing AfD cries out, sounding like Adolf Hitler: 'Panicked nightmares are increasing in our land, especially unfortunately among blonde women! And this in our own country. It is insufferable!" And they are winning elections!

The Fascist Threat and How to Combat It

Mark Solomon Portside
Proto-Fascism - seeding of the political ground for full-born fascism, tends to move from threat to reality when principal segments of finance capital no longer consider parliamentary democracy, their preferred form of rule, to be a guarantor of their hegemony. That tendency is increasingly global.
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