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Tidbits - Apr.16, 2020 - Reader Comments: COVID Crisis: Congress Must Lead; This is Our Future; Massive Unemployment, Third of Young People Lost Jobs; Sanders Campaign; How Fragile Capitalism Was; Bailout the Pension System; Workers Fightback; Farm Crisis

Reader Comments: COVID Crisis: Congress Must Lead; This is Our Future; Massive Unemployment-One-Third of Young People Lost Jobs; Sanders Campaign; Crisis Exposes How Fragile Capitalism Was; Bailout the Pension System; Workers Fight Back; Farm Crisis;

Tidbits - September 1, 2016 - Reader Comments: Lots of good stuff-. Black Lives Matter; Fannie Lou Hamer; Single-Payer; BLM and Palestine; Oil Industry; James Brown; Sex Workers?; The Left-Wing of the Possible; and much more...

Reader Comments: Lots of good stuff this week. What Does Black Lives Matter Want; Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Inevitable?; BLM and Palestine Solidarity; Oil Industry and Peak Oil; James Brown; Sex Workers?; and much more... Announcements: Triangle Fire opera; Women 9/11 First Responders Panel Discussion; The Left-Wing of the Possible - How Can the Sanders' Phenomenon Transform American Politics; Protect Pacifica Archives; Labor, Islam, and War...


Top 10 Reasons to Continue Donations to Bernie Sanders

RoseAnn DeMoro Common Dreams
Bernie is building an infrastructure that will help encourage the growth of the political revolution. This will include a Sanders Institute to elevate issues and ideas, and two organization to recruit 100 candidates running for offices from Congress to school boards, as well as to help them campaign.


This Is What Progressives—Especially Labor—Can Learn From Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

David Moberg Working In These Times
If unions find better strategic partners outside the labor movement on a particular issue, they should proceed on the basis of their analysis of what is needed, not hold back and wait for labor unity. Too often a particular union’s political stance may reflect a private employer’s growth plans, not the general good for working people.

My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee

James Zogby Common Dreams
By silencing the Arab-American community and marginalizing us because we might dare to advocate for Palestinians, there is the damage that this hysteria does to our national discourse. At issue, it appears, is not what we are saying, but that we are the ones saying it. We are accused of “singling Israel out”, while in reality it is our critics who are singling out this issue as the only one we cannot discuss.


Labor for Bernie and Beyond Plans for the Primaries and the Future

Dan La Botz New Politics
Labor for Bernie believes their candidate can defeat Hillary Clinton for the nomination. But Sanders supporters know that their candidate—even if he wins big in several more states—could have victory wrested from him at the convention. Therefore labor supporters gathered to discuss how to continue the movement into the future, win or lose.
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